Sheep dog trials of some sort or another have probably occurred at agricultural fairs and shows for centuries. The present form is thought to have developed originally in the "Borders" area between England and Scotland, from which the Border Collie also comes. However, the sport's organising bodies regard the first recorded sheepdog trials as those held in Bala, Wales, in 1873. The sport was no doubt devised by shepherds keen to impress their friends with the skills of their sheepdogs. These events are particularly associated with hill farming areas, where sheep range widely on largely unfenced land. Such competitions grew in popularity and the International Sheep Dog Society was founded in 1902. The first dog in the International Sheep Dog Society Stud Books was "Hemp", born 1893, died 1901. To this day all registered Border Collies can be traced back to Hemp.  

Title: Two Border Collies at Sheepdog trails

Location: Isle Of Harris in the Outer Hebrides or the Western Isles, Highlands, Scotland

While biking with my wife in the Western Isles on the Isle of Harris, we came across these sheep dog trials. They hold the trials out in the wide open, no fences and certainly not in any fair ground. Also they were herding with one or two dogs and these two can't wait for their turn.

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