Title: Highland Cattle

Location: Plockton, Wester Ross, Highlands, Scotland

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Highland cattle are an ancient Scottish breed of cattle with long horns and shaggy pelts. The breed was developed in the Highlands and western coastal regions of Scotland, and breeding stock was exported to Australia and North America in the 1800s. The breed was developed from two sets of stock, one originally black, and the other reddish. Today, highland cattle come in a wide variety of colors.
Highlands are known as a hardy breed (most likely due to the rugged nature of their native highlands), which will eat plants other cattle avoid. They both graze and browse. The meat tends to be leaner than most beef, as highlands get most of their insulation from their thick shaggy hair rather than subcutaneous fat. This coat also makes them a good breed for cold Northern climates.
Highland cattle were the earliest registered breed, with the registry ("herd book") established in 1884. Although groups of cattle are generally called herds, a group of highlands is known as a fold. The breed is affectionately known as "shaggy coos" or "hairy coos" in parts of Scotland

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