Title: Dun Locha Castle or Three Castles ,

Location: Three Castle Head, , County Cork, Ireland

Dun Locha Castle or Three Castles was built (reputedly in 1207 by Donagh Na Himrice O Mahony) as the first of ten O Mahony castles which dotted the 20 mile long peninsula of Ivagha. The area is known locally as Dun Locha (fort of the lake) and is at the tip of Mizen Head peninsula overlooking Dunmanus Bay. The castle is the most southwesterly mainland stone fortification in Ireland. The remnants of the castle were sighted on a prehistoric fortress which spanned the area between the lake and the sea, making a easily defended promontory settlement. It was a spectacular setting between a small lake and cliffs that dropped 300 feet to the Atlantic. The legend of the lake is that it is haunted by an enchanted woman...and whoever saw her, soon died. The castle builders used the same technique as the ancient dun builders by erecting a wall linking the lake to the cliff edge, a distance of some 150 meters. In the wall were three towers, one large and squat, the other two narrow with very small chambers. It is a two miles walk along the cliffs but a beautiful one and well worth the hike.

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