Kinsale in County Cork Ireland is one of the most picturesque, popular and fashionable resorts of the south-west coast. Also famous for its yachting and sea angling, and not to forget the gourmet restaurants and golf. In the Summer all one can say is that it is for sure a tourist town! Kinsale can claim its place amongst Ireland's most historic locations for it has always been a centre of population, for commerce, trade and fishing as far beyond memory and any written record. In the earlier days this estuary of the Bandon River was of great importance as the river is tidal as far as Innishannon and water transportation was dominant until the 18th Century.
This estuary provided an excellent anchorage for ancient shipping which when in peril of the vagaries of the harsh weather would be safe in Kinsale. The Town nestles itself between the hills and the shoreline, a maze of many narrow streets, never far from the water and little changed in many of hundreds of years. Amongst the buildings of later periods sit those of another age with much historical links to the Spanish, French, British and Americans.
This was taken from the Cork-Guild website

Title: The Blue Door

Location: Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

Down one of Kinsales many narrow streets one early morn while photographing I came upon this restaurant door. I think it's backdoor!

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