Clonakilty is famous as the birthplace of the Republican leader Michael Collins and Henry Ford and both are commemorated in the town. Michael Collins, one of the greatest military and political leaders in Irish History. He was born in Woodfield in 1890 which is about four miles west of Clonakilty on the N71 towards Rosscarbery. One can visit the remains of Collins's birthplace, which was burnt out by the Black and Tans in 1921.


Title: An Teach Beas (The Small House)

Location: Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland

Being in Clonakilty it's like stepping back in time and seeing life as it was in the 1940's Ireland. Clonakilty has a colorful and historical feel to its streetscapes. This is a real working Irish town. It is also renowned for its colorful and and well maintained shop fronts, pub fronts, directional signs and street names. The surrounding area features some of Ireland's most spectacular scenery and beaches. Clonakilty is one of my choices to live in my next life, unless I can tie up the wife and kids and kiddnap them there in this life! What a grand town!!!


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