Lanyon Quoit is the most famous of all the Cornish megaliths. The stones are but shadows of their former selves due to the elements, and acts of god. According to local legend in 1815 it was struck by lightening and its 18 ft by 9 ft capstone fell. In 1824, following their success at Treen, the Navy came with a crane to raise it, but could only succeed by reducing the upright stones by half. Today this 5,000 to 6,000 year old monument continues to dominate the windswept moorland landscape. This image eluded me the first evening but I stood in wonder as I watched the light change with the setting sun. So back I came the next day and again I marveled as the stones came to life standing alone on this vast Cornish moorland.

Title: Lanyon Quoit

5,000-6,000 year old Cromlech or Dolman (ancient burial chamber)

Location: Bosullow, Cornwall, England

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