Chun Quoit is the smallest of the areas famous cromlech's, it is also the only one never to have been dislodged. It stands close to Chun Castle, an exceptionally fine Iron-Age fort of a later date, but not very photographic. Chun is believed to be a closed chamber, its Mushroom dome measuring 11ft by 19 ft is somewhat smaller than Lanyon Quoit, it also differs in that it is supported by four sizeable slabs. The mound is thought to possess an entrance passage to the south-east within the mound area. Chun Quiot along with Chun Castle sits in a singularly dramatic site surrounded by scattered stones on heather-clad moorland, the climb to visit this magnificent monument is up the hill from the farm where one parks the car and the farmer is very amiable.

Title: Chun Quoit

4,000-5,000 year old Cromlech or Dolman (ancient burial chamber)

Location: Bosullow, Cornwall, England

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