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What about me? What can I say?

Well I'm an old cowhand...Not! But I live in the hills of western Massachusetts and we do have a pony and a donkey but no cows yet. I live with my wife Cynthia (mosaic artist extraordinary, check out her web site and my two children Rory, age 15, and Kiera age 18 And of course the dogs, Luna on the left and Cael on the right! Below is a image from 2005. I like the young Einstein look on me thanks to a bit of wind.

This is also a great 2004 image of the family.

Below we have the girls, Agnes the 900 pound pony (she looks smaller here) and Lucille the mamoth donkey who weighs in at around 500 pounds and is quite a handful!

The image below is our post & beam straw bale barn. The donkey & pony are in the stable on the lower right below Cynthia's mosaic studio.

I've been a builder, a pre-school teacher, sawmill and restaurant owner and for the last 21 years, a professional photographer. Working in documentary, architectural, and landscape photography. In 1991 while biking with my wife on a two month bike trip of Ireland and Britain I started photographing the landscape, villages and people of the area. This led to me taking the images I do now of the landscape of Ireland and Britain. I try and get over every year or so and spend at least three to four weeks photographing.

My work consists of color landscape photographs of Ireland, Scotland ,England and Brittany, France. All images are taken with a 4x5 view camera or a 6x7 rangefinder camera on a tripod using Fuji and Kodak color negative or Fujichrome film. I use a handheld light meter to insure that the exposures are right on. The images are then printed by me on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper which is tested to last 100 years. Most of my images are hand printed but all new images since 2007 are scanned and printed digitally, even though I still am using film. All images come in beautiful handmade cherry frames. The print sizes are from 11x14 to 20x24 and prices range from $75.00 to $525.00.

I'm in my second year of doing Irish calendar's with a three year contract with Sellers Publishing, a calendar company from Maine.



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